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Radio Matters — America’s companion is also No. 1 in-car

According to the INRIX 2015 Traffic Scorecard, the average U.S. commuter spends nearly 50 hours in traffic annually. Sitting in traffic can be a nightmare – we’ve all experienced that. In fact, over 196 million people use radio away from home during commuting hours based on Nielsen’s Spring 2015 National Regional Database.

Given all the technology available today and in-car entertainment options, radio is still the most selected and used in-car device. Across numerous polls, surveys and studies, when consumers are posed the question regarding in-car entertainment, broadcast radio always receives the highest percentage. According to the Infinite Dial 2016, those adults 18+ who had driven/ridden in a car in the past month cited AM/FM radio as their most used in-car device – specifically 84 percent general market Adults 18+, 80 percent African-Americans 18+, 79 percent Hispanics 18+ and 77 percent of Adults 18-34.

And radio isn’t just tuned in to during the work week; people tune in during the weekends – while running errands, on the way to a child’s sporting event, etc. Did you know that on a typical weekend, 68 percent of Adults 18+ tune in to radio while in their car? And that number is higher when you look at household income levels of $75K, college grads and others.

So why do they tune in? The obvious answer would be traffic. However, the truth is, people tune in to radio for a number of reasons – music discovery, to hear their favorite songs, or listen to a specific DJ or radio host. But people also listen to radio for more personal reasons – because they like to work with radio, it keeps them company, or helps them get in a better mood and even escape life’s pressures. These are just some of the findings from the Jacobs Media Techsurvey12.

So whether people are stuck in traffic, running errands, or just in need of a friendly voice, radio, like a companion or friend, is always there.

Source: Annette Malave, RAB

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